Lighthouse Community Church


179 West 3rd St - Zumbrota, MN

Pastor Jan Fischer

This week’s SPOTLIGHT on the word of God – June 30, 2019



“If My People…”

2 Chronicles 7:14


1.  “If My people who are called by My Name…”


            If you and I have accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior then we are 
God’s_  people.  What stands out in this passage of Scripture is that it is calling on  God’s_  people.


            God has set in place four 
_conditions_  for forgiveness.


2.  “Humble themselves and pray and seek My face…”


            To humble ourselves means we are willing to put ourselves

__aside.  The word in the Hebrew means, “to bring down

_low,  into  _subjection_,  to subdue.


            Pride will try and get us to focus on “
I_”.  As a matter of fact, “I” is always the  middle_  of pride.


            God wants a relationship with us, to know us personally.  And when you know someone personally what is one of the ways you recognize them?  You recognize them by their 


            We should be a people who seek God’s “face”.  In fact,

__prersence__  is a common translation of the Hebrew word, “face.”  To be before His “face” is to be in His presence.

“Face” means the 
brightness_  of His personal character.


            The greatest obstacle to “seeking the Lord” (Psalm 105:4)




3.  “And turn from their wicked ways…”


            Once again be reminded God is talking to
  His_  people here.   


            Ask yourself:  Is there anything I need to repent of?


4.  “Then I will
hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and

heal their land.”


            Isn’t it awesome to know we have a God who 

our prayers??

            Isn’t it awesome to know that we serve a loving and

_forgiving God?

            Isn’t it awesome to know that God can heal the

__broken-hearted  and  _set the captive free?


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